Giants Editor 8.1.0 8.1.0 64bit

Giants Software

Giants Editor v8.1.0 64bit


== GIANTS Editor Changelog ==


  • Added basic convertion of mod maps from Farming Simulator 17 to Farming Simulator 19
  • Converts terrain painting to new format with combined layers
  • Converts foliage layers
  • Converts terrain detail layers
  • Adds light scattering flag to sun
  • Adjusts map xml and creates items xml
  • Add farmland info layer
  • Replaces custom shaders
  • Converts vehicle xml with new elements
  • Improved foliage paint panel
  • Improved info layer paint panel
  • Added preview option for terrain detail texture paint mode
  • Added option to navigate in scenegraph panel with arrow keys
  • Fixed memory leak when applying terrain operations after undo operations
  • Added new toggle options for interactive placement mode:
  • ‚S‘ Scale new objects randomly (range according to preferences)
  • ‚C‘ Don’t place new objects on objects created during the current session
  • ‚T‘ Only place new objects on terrain


  • Version 8.1.0 64bit